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Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

We Are Thankful for Our Partners

We are a manufacturer of fats and oils. With the support of many people, we were able to exceed 100 years in our business.

We are always very grateful for our domestic and overseas business partners and for their support. We need each and every one since they are important business partners for us. Furthermore, what is also important for us is our employees. Without them, the company won’t exist. We are extremely grateful for their daily efforts. We will continue to work together to build a company that makes people say, “It was a pleasure to work for Ueda Oil.”

Transformation of Age and Value

As globalization and digitalization progress, our social environment is changing every day. Smartphones have become commonplace, and the entire world is connected to a network, where a massive amount of information is updated every second. In such an environment, I believe that a company that cannot change their traditional values cannot grow.

For our future growth, it is crucial to reflect on our past and discover new values. By doing so, our company could grow and become secure even through challenging times.

Enriching Dietary Life with Oil

We hope to enrich everyone’s dietary life around the world with our oil by utilizing our development and technological capabilities. We are proud of our oil being used in various foods and products that you may have tasted at least once.

We will continue to manufacture products and strive to become a trusted company in the food industry.

CEO Gaku Ueda