100year company

Your Partner in Supporting Delicious Food
for a Century and Beyond.

Even if you have never heard of Ueda Oil, you have probably tasted our oil somewhere.
Our "Oil" is found in various foods and products more than you can imagine.
We are a company that has been supporting everyone's dietary life for over 100 years.

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We are an edible oil processing manufacturing company that works behind-the-scenes of Japan’s food culture by delivering fats and oil products to the world with a strong focus on food safety.


We hope to enrich everyone’s dietary life around the world with our oil by utilizing our development and technological capabilities.


StrengthsThree Strengths

As we make full use of our unique oil processing technology and development capabilities,
we meet the needs of all customers in the food industry, including instant noodles,
snacks, bakery, restaurants, seasonings, and pre-packaged foods.

Our Location

Our Location

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